Daylight Hatings Time

“But how can I be on daylight savings time when I haven’t saved a dime in years?”
I know stupid, but that is about the tamest reply when it comes to, ‘Do you like daylight savings time?’
It sucks.
But let’s look at the advantages of getting dark early.

You don’t have to set your VCR.  At least for 6 months.
Convince your boss that vampires are real and they prey on those who are stuck in rush hour.  When he/she questions you, start crying and  scream, “WHY DON’T YOU BELIEVE ME?”
When someone says, Spring Forward, Fall Back, with that stupid sh*t eating grin, tell them you hear the company is going widespread layoffs, and put your finger to your mouth and walk off.
When someone says, “Hey, we gained an hour!”  Say, “That’s not all you gained.”
It gives you an extra hour to send game requests on Facebook.
It give you a great excuse to be late for just about everything for the next 4 months.

Now tweets through history on Daylights Saving time

An hour earlier of darkness? Are you shi*ting me? LOVE IT!

Really? Dark an hour earlier?  That means I have to leave for my job and will miss The Simpsons.


Great!  Mary will want to hit up Chili’s before the show for Happy Hour.
#Sarcasm #Tired #Fu*kTheConfederacy

An extra hour of sleep.  An extra hour of drinking.  It’s Electric.
#Damn #PowerOut #Lighting #Hmm

LOL, just trolled Henry Ford….asked him why my Datsun has better light bulbs….
#TheyMineBitches #ShouldveInventedSarcasmToo #DaylightThis

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