Completely Mesmerized

OK, enough negativity.
The last two posts have been about things that more or less, annoy us.
(Although, the driving with the dogs in your lap post struck a chord with a lot of people.)
Now, let’s talk about things that are amazing.
Well, amazing to me.
No matter how many times I see it, I cannot get enough.
Every single time.
I stare and stare and stare and still, have no clue how they do it.
This is it.

I am simply fascinated by planes landing and taking off.
I will sometimes spend my lunch hour at the airport watching the planes.
And if you have a few minutes, watch this amazing YouTube video of planes landing on the island of St. Maarten.
Huge planes landing on a tiny island.
Completely mesmerized by this.

I tried one time to read on how planes take off and land but about 10% into it, I stopped.
Why?  The little kid in me, the one who marveled at so many things growing up, said don’t do it.
Keep being mesmerized by this.
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