Broke Down and Broken Down

Well 2015 has started out famously.
Just absolutely perfect.
On New Years Eve, my truck broke down at a party in Bellevue where I knew two people.
OK, got it started and made it home and then it broke down again on Friday, January 2nd.
Now, me breaking down on the side of the road is nothing new as I am sure most of you guys have also broken down at some point in your lives and it is a truly helpless feeling.
As I sat in my truck, waiting for the tow,  I started thinking of all the places I’ve been broken down and I just had to laugh.
Here are some of them.
I-65, just north of Pulaski
Broke down coming home from Samford University for a weekend and my car just stopped.  Remember, no cell phones and on the side of the interstate.  Had to walk forever to find a pay phone to call my mom who called a mechanic who had my car towed.  It was also middle of May and about 90 degrees outside.
I-40, between Stewarts Ferry & Donelson Pk
This was in 1986, back when they were expanding it from 2 lanes to 4 lanes and my car just stopped in the fast lane and I had to put on my hazards and wait for a ride or a cop to come along.  The amount of cussing I heard, still to this day, makes me blush in horror, all because I was broke down in the fast lane.  I will never forget an old man, about 175, threatening me because I made him late.  Presumably, to either his own funeral or a Bob Hope show.
I-24 West, just past Murfreesboro
In 2010, while working at channel 2, going to do an interview at Riverdale high school, a giant tool box fell off a truck and I couldn’t swerve to miss and it went right up under the car and ripped everything out.  Now mind you, the interstate was packed and I barely made it to the side of the road.  The best part was when a guy stopped to help me, pulls over and is sprinting to the car.  He is yelling “GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW, GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW!  IT IS GOING TO EXPLODE!”  I hop out of the car and yes, there was smoke everywhere.  I grab the camera out of the back and turn around, the guy is now sprinting back to his car, gets in it and drives off.   He offered no help, just to scare me to death.  I often think about this and laugh out loud.  I wonder if he does this at other places, too.  Just stops, yells at people to watch out and drives off.
Briley Parkway, near Opryland
This might be my favorite one.  I got pulled over for having a headlight out one night and a cop pulls me over.  Again, before cell phones and I was coming back from Rivergate and I see the blue lights and pull over.  He tells me my headlight is out and gives me a ticket.  As I ‘thank him,’ I go to start my car and it is dead.  Completely dead.  I slam my door and get out to open the hood, not knowing what I would find or how to fix it.  The officer rolls up and says, “What’s wrong?”  I reply, “Dunno, won’t start.”  The cop says, “That sucks.  Make sure you get your headlight fixed.”  And drives off.  I walked a few miles to the store to call my mom, who called me a tow truck.  I often think of that cop, pulling up to a house fire and asking, “What’s the problem?” 
My Driveway
All break downs aren’t that bad meaning, there are worse places to be stuck.  Last August, went to Florida with my daughter for a week.  Drove all over the place down there and then, back to Tennessee.  The next morning in my driveway, my truck was dead.  The starter had gone out.  Had it been a day before, we could have been stuck in the middle of nowhere.  Or Alabama. Same thing.  
As always, what seems bad, usually isn’t.  Unless it is.  #huh
So, what is the WORST place you have ever broken down? 


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