Amazing Year And Thank You!

Well in June, I finally did it.
Started writing this blog, or as I like to call it, The Chicajo Tribune.
God, that was terrible and I apologize.  #NotReally
But in June, I started writing on and gotta say, thank you!
I wanna thank every single one of you for coming and reading this all the time.
As of Dec. 31st, we have had 29, 892 visits and over 63K page views.
Amazingly humbled.
And one guy, from Nepal, who visits every single day. Not sure why, but thanks, I guess.
If he is trying to hack me, good luck trying to use a expired Discover Card and a Capital One card that is maxed out.  Been maxed out since 2007.
Anyhoo, got a lot of advice from folks when I started. A few said I should go all out after people, sports wise, like some other bloggers/writers in Nashville.  I said no thanks, that is not me.  It is easy to sit and criticize all the time, that shows zero creativity. I will pass.
I decided to just have fun with it.  Tell old stories, share some insightful (Don’t laugh)  things and do some satire on pop culture.
Some have been good.
Some have been bad.
But, my goodness, it has been fun.
It’s not easy trying to come up with stuff every day, but if it were easy, blah blah blah.
Thanks for the comments on the stories about my mom, those were wonderful.
Thanks for the comments on the sports stuff on the SEC coaches and the story on Johnny Manzeil from back in the summer.
Most of all, thanks for reading and letting me invade your lives for just a little bit.
I will leave you with what I think was my favorite story from this past year.  If you missed it, here it is.
May 2014, be your best year ever.

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