A Thank You To My Daughter

This is a true story. I used to work with the great Michael Turko at channel 2 (WKRN) for many years. If you forgot what he looked like, here he is.

He had two daughters and my daughter had just been born. He never spoke to me, except this one time.
TURKO: ‘Heard you had a girl.’
ME: “Yes sir.”
TURKO: “Here is some advice. When you have a little boy, you have to worry about one pecker. When you have a little girl, you have to worry about ALL the peckers.”

We never spoke again after that.
Today is my daughter’s 15th birthday.
I remember when she was born, looking at her and telling my mom, I have no idea what to do.
But like moms always do, they say the right thing at the right time.
“I will help you and it will be OK.”
I never worried again.
I had no example of what a dad should be. Mine left around when I was 9 or so. At least that what I was told. I have no memory of him. Which is fine with me.
So I just followed my mother’s example of simply always being there for her.
I went to one
of my daughter’s functions a few years ago and I told someone, I got to say hi to her and that was about it. A friend replied, did she know you were there? I said yes. He said, then you did enough. As long as she knows you will always be there, it will be OK.
Here is a list of reasons, I am blessed to have a daughter.

She has grounded me. Not being in trouble grounded but grounded, like, feet to the floor grounded. I have walked away from a few fights (road rage) because of her. Which is good.
Blues Clues. And every other kids show that I learned to embrace and like because of her.
Ponytails. Yes, I learned how to brush hair, and put it in a ponytail of which I am very proud of.
Drama. Holy hell teenage drama. It cracks me up. Friends one day, not the next, then friends again. Nice to know that every other parent of a teenage girl goes through the same thing.
God’s revenge. Someone told me having a girl is God’s revenge for all the hell we raised growing up. This proves there is a loving God and He has a great sense of humor.
Justin Bieber, One Direction and others. Again, don’t fight what makes her happy, just embrace it and enjoy it.

I could go on and on and on. It is bittersweet watching her grow up because my mother took great pride in my daughter. She loved her long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes and would always kid, saying, “Joe Dubin. You are going to be in trouble as she gets older.”
Happy Birthday Hannah Bear.
Thank You!


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