30 Minutes of Nothing

It paralyzes our nation, every single day.
10:30 to 11:00 A.M.
30 minutes.
Every single day.
And there is no solution to the problem.
I have seen people throw temper tantrums at 10:25 and 11:05 over this.  Especially, at 11:05.
Like raging fits of fire.
You see, that 30 minutes is between breakfast and lunch.  Do NOT pull up to a drive-thru at that time because here is the look you get when you ask if they are still serving breakfast or lunch.

They can’t answer the question.  They literally cannot answer it.
And I am not sure anyone can.
Recently, I pulled up to a drive-thru right at 10:28.  I checked my phone to make sure and  I asked if it was too late for breakfast.  He said, ‘Hey, pull up to the window please.’ Umm, OK.
I pull up and asked the guy if it was too late for breakfast.  Which I had just done at the board.
He goes on for 2 minutes about how they have to start prepping for lunch, and it takes time and etc and etc AND etc.
This is my reaction to him after he was done talking.

Not kidding.
Also not kidding, I have gone 100 MPH to get to a McDonalds or Burger King to make sure I can get breakfast because I know at 10:30, it’s not happening.
At 10:30, it is 30 minutes of nothing.
So whatever you do, don’t pull up at 10:45 to ask for lunch or breakfast, cause I am pretty sure, this is the reaction you will get.


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