1, 2, and 3

There is that book, ‘The 5 People You Will Meet In Heaven,” which, if you haven’t read it, need to do so.
Then there is a book I am going to write called, ‘3 Celebrities You Would Love To Smack.’
And it will be a huge success.
If you could smack 3 celebs, who would it be?
(By the way, you CANNOT pick a woman.  For obvious reasons that I don’t need to explain.)

OK, here is number one


I would love, love, love to smack him.  Just look at that face.  Cannot stand him.
Congrats Bill, you are #1.

Number 2 is……….


This one was really close.  I mean really close.  The smugness of this guy drives me nuts.  In fact, I thought ESPN with him in the 90’s was terrible and brought on the decade long bad hire of anchors there who thought they were just too funny.
He gets slap #2.  Congrats Keith.

And #3 on my list is…….


I loathe this dude.  In fact, I might dislike him more than anyone but then I look at Bill Maher and Olbermann and he goes back to #3.
But it is close.
So, go ahead and pre-order your copies of ‘3 Celebrities You Would Love to Smack.’


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