Titans Coaching Candidates

Our crack staff at BJOTG has been working very hard the past week on figuring out who the Titans top candidates are to become head coach if they do in fact, let Mike Munchak go.

Our staff worked so hard that they literally worked themselves to the point of exhaustion.

Here is a pic….


Now what the staff has

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discovered, these candidates come from all kinds of different backgrounds and some are real head scratchers.




  • From Texas and we know how this franchise loves the Lone Star state and all that is in it.
  • Has Zero coaching experience on the pro level but some might argue, neither does Mike Munchak
  • Got cancelled by NBC and not even Coach Taylor understands why. That might hold him back.




Warren Beatty


  • Played Quarterback in Heaven Can Wait so he solves the Titans QB problem.
  • Played for the Rams, who are now coached by Jeff Fisher so the Titans are thinking, hire Beatty to royally piss off Fisher. #TitansLogic
  • Has experience writing make believe movies and the Titans need someone to help all of us believe they can make the playoffs in the next 25 years.







  • Didn’t he play or said he did so that makes him a candidate
  • Satisfies the Rooney Rule
  • Convinced Rudy to stick it out. Titans hope he can convince the fans to stick it out.
  • Can coach and fix equipment so the Titans save money on hiring an equipment managers. Win and win.








  • Was a high school standout so he is a candidate.
  • Has a loyal, albeit crazy, fan base
  • His wife’s antics may put off some in the organization
  • Toiled in obscurity for years on FOX before he was discovered so he should have zero problem with his ego when NO ONE from the national media comes to cover the team







  • Has ‘coached’ in Tennessee before so he has experience.
  • When Titans fans are booing him, he can tell the front office, “They are saying Doooooley!”
  • Is also a lawyer so can pull double duty, just like Charles Dutton
  • Has already lost a game at LP Field so that is already done






1974 Paul Crewe Football Trading Card

  • Great Quarterback and a Winner
  • Is a convicted felon so he should fit right in with most of the NFL players
  • Ladies love him so that could re-energize that part of the fan base









  • When we asked the Titans why, they replied, “Cause he is a damn winner. AND he is a typing teacher. Our players need to know their NFL career won’t last forever and we feel that learning to type, will help them adjust to the outside world.”
  • Created the legendary defense, 6-2 Stack Monster.
  • Just don’t throw trash on his yard
  • Big negative-Never beat Ampipe








  1. nancy smith January 4, 2014 3:47 am  Reply

    You are so talented

    • Joe Dubin January 6, 2014 1:30 am  Reply

      Hi Nancy!!!! I love you!!

  2. James January 4, 2014 3:48 am  Reply

    Herb Brooks
    -Proven winner
    -Tough, hard nosed
    -Respected by players

    Big Joe Dubin
    -Great public relations (just look at his twitter)
    -Listens to everyone
    -A proven winner at life
    -Has his own kickass website

    Barry Trotz
    -Proven mediocre
    -Fails in the playoffs (if he gets there)
    -Has no neck
    -Eyebrows dance a lot

    (You didn’t say anything about having to have football experience to coach the Titans).

  3. Jeaneen Yenter January 4, 2014 5:00 pm  Reply

    Clear Eyes
    Full Hearts
    Can’t Lose

    • Joe Dubin January 6, 2014 1:30 am  Reply

      Lets do it!!!

  4. Murdock January 6, 2014 8:48 pm  Reply

    Yeah I’m with James on this one

  5. Patrick January 7, 2014 3:14 am  Reply

    Don’t forget Big Joe, coach Nickerson also won a college football title for THE Minessota State Screaming Eagles with Luther Van Damn and Dauber!

  6. Brutus January 7, 2014 8:16 pm  Reply

    On name and one only

    Roy Napper

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