My First Crush

((This was written two years ago.))


My first crush wasn’t a super model.

As far as I know, didn’t appear on

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the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition either.

But, she came into my house all the time.

Every Friday night and then, every afternoon.

Her name is Donna, but we know her by the character she played on TV, Abby Ewing.


To a 16 year old boy, she was dynamite.

I was addicted to Knots Landing.

Cast of 'Knots Landing'

I was addicted to Abby Ewing, err, Donna Mills.

I had not thought about her in years until I came across an article on her the other day that she is returning to TV.

This from Entertainment Weekly


A Ewing is coming to Port Charles!

Donna Mills — best known for playing villainess Abby Ewing on Knot’s Landing — is joining the cast of General Hospital. EW has learned that Mills was the only choice to play a new (see: big) character — particularly because the writers are major fans of her old primetime soap.


So I go to look her up and was wondering, how old is she?

Because for me, she will always be Abby and whatever age she was back in the mid 80’s.

TV is eternal for us. Or at least for me.

Donna Mills is 73 years old.

My first crush is 73 years old.

I know I am getting old but when your crush is older than your mom when she passed away, boy that is a complete mind blowing moment.

I have no idea what Donna Mills looks like now.

Nor do I care.

For she will always be my first crush.


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  1. Brutus February 19, 2014 12:49 pm  Reply

    I thought it was Abby Cunningham? “You shouldv’e never came back!”

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