Make It Stop! {Part Two}

Thanks for all the response on our previous story about those who drive around with dogs in their lap that has to stop and soon.

Now, we have part two of, “Make It Stop!”

Once you see what I am talking about, you will agree.

In fact, you might have done this but we all need to make it stop.

And this is it.


feet-in-sand Toes in Sand[5] blue-beach-toes


We know you are at the beach.

We know you needed ‘to get away.”

We know how the beach makes you feel.

We know this is your “happy place.”

But y’all need to know this, when

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you get ready to post your nasty feet and toes in the beach in the sand, this is how we all feel about your pictures.






I say whenever one of our “friends” post their Toes-In-The-Sand pictures, we counter them by putting up, right under their pics, our own takes of completely disgusting feet.

Like these.


ugly-feet uglyfeet UGLYFEET2


Yeh I know, bitter

Party pooper.

And don’t forget,




A Debbie Downer, too.

In fact, let’s just put up that pic every time one our “friends” post those beach pics.

Hopefully, this will stop all of it.



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