“Just change the Fu*king Oil!”

I have told you guys that I am thinking about running for President in 2016, with a platform based solely on getting rid of red lights around the country, specifically in Nashville and even more specifically, next to my house.

I will also make self-awareness (see previous posts on this subect) be taught in all schools and those that pull out of of a side street, into my lane, the fast lane and slow down, will be put in jail for 24 hours.

Next on my list, places that change oil.

I like what you do.  Changing oil.

I don’t like what you do, and that is trying to sell me everything on the planet from new wipers, to new brake pads to kidneys to babies to tampons.

Just stop it.

Change the oil. If I want something else, I will ask.

Every time I get my oil changed, I am reminded of an elderly man years ago, obviously frustrated at all of the goings on, when asked for the 23rd time that he needed a new fan belt, screamed at the guy, “JUST CHANGE THE FU*KING OIL!”

I almost shat my pants with sheer joy and laughter.

Indeed, for all of us that pull into your business, just change the fu*king oil.



  1. Ken October 23, 2013 10:27 pm  Reply

    That is why I change my own now. What it takes 10 minutes for them to do, I can easily do in 3 or 4 hours at home.

  2. Becky Mprrissey October 23, 2013 11:01 pm  Reply

    Your post is so true!! We’ve switched to Packard’s BP on Lebanon Rd.

  3. Brutus August 1, 2014 6:11 pm  Reply

    Been changing my own oil, tranny fluid, plugs, timing belts, coolant, hoses, drive belts, filters, brakes, rotors, etc. for over 20 years. Why? Because I don’t trust most of the shops, they lie and/or are clueless. I realize most people cant do all that stuff themselves for many different reasons. The more you know about your auto the more you can pick up on when you have work done to it to know if they’re jerking you around or being honest with you. The amount of unecessary repair work amounts to billions annually. I sound pretty smart but I’m not–Joe knows that.

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