I Became What I Loathed

It happens far too much for me to just forget about it.  It literally happens to me all the time and by me, I mean all of us.  I didn’t notice it was happening for the longest time and then one day, it hit me.

Because I had become what I sorely disliked.

My name is Joe Dubin and I, I am a soda-tapper.  Yes, I am a soda-tapper.  I am not sure if a hyphen goes there or not, but I will leave it there.




This is where it all begins.  You go to get a drink and you are number 2 in line and the person in front of you is a full-fledged soda-tapper.  Fill it all the way up.  Then the foam resettles and you tap the soda button again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  And again. Take a look at the drink, then over to who is in line, then back to the drink, and tap, tap, tap again.

At dinner a few weeks ago, this guy sat there and tap, tap, tapping the soda dispenser until it was just perfect.  When I say just perfect, it was nearly a 30 second process to do it.  There were 4 of us line waiting to get our drinks.  He looks over after he was done and was completely oblivious to what he was doing.

Not long after, out to eat and I go up to refill my drink and I found myself doing the exact same thing.  Tap, tap, tap, tap, look at drink, tap, tap, tap, and scene!  I look over and several people in line just staring at me.

My God, I had become what I loathed.  Through and through.  I had become a soda-tapper.  How many other times had I done that in my life to someone and not realized it.  A soda-tapper is no way to go through life.

Speaking of no way going through life, this is far worse than a soda-tapper.






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